T-Shirt Scarf Embellished with Pandora Style Beads!

by abeadstore on January 16, 2013

We’ve been struggling to stay warm around here so we came up with this fun and stylish t-shirt scarf embellished with some of our large hole pandora style beads!


This project is very easy to make and very functional!  You will need:

1.  An old t-shirt.  The softer the better just for pure comfort.  I selected an old gray shirt from the bottom of my drawer.

2. About 18″ of sheer ribbon.

3. 8 – 10 of our large hole pandora style beads.

4. Scissors.

tshirtscarfsteps2 First, cut the hem off the bottom of the shirt.  Save this for a later step.

Then cut off the sleeves of the shirt just below the armpit seam.  Discard this top portion of the shirt – do not attempt to wear as a half shirt.  We put ours on Hank the dog.  He didn’t like it.



Measure 1″ sections up the side of the shirt and snip a cut so you will know where to make each cut across the shirt.




Cut each strip, leaving about an inch and a half to the other side.  Be sure not to cut all the way across.





Hold the shirt on the end that is uncut.  Pull each loop.  This will cause the t shirt fabric to roll and stretch.





Gather the shirt together at the uncut seam.  Use a small piece of the hem you cut off in step one to secure the scarf.  Cover the seam.



At this point I grabbed three of my loops and braided them from the center.  It creates a braid on both sides.  I didn’t really do anything to secure the braid.  I like the way it is loose in spots and tight in others. This is optional -but I think it adds a little something.


Thread your selected beads onto your ribbon.  Wrap the ribbon around the scarf to cover the seams.  I pushed the beads towards one end of the ribbon and it was the last portion I wrapped.  I brought it up across the ribbon wrap and tied it with a knot.



These are casual and fun.  They go great with a shirt and jeans!  Perfect to keep you warm!  You could also choose a czech glass button to embelish it.  Be creative! Happy Beading!

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