Elven Sterling Necklace

by abeadstore on July 20, 2013




  1. Using your mandrel, take the 6″ piece of 18ga Sterling Wire and wrap the center point around it.
  2. Make sure both of the “arms” of your Sterling Silver Focal piece are roughly the same length. If they are not, trim them down.
  3. Take your Round Nosed Pliers and create a loop on each end of the focal piece.
  4. It’s hammer time! I only hammered parts of the center loop, and the “arms” a little distance from the center loop and the end loops.
  5. Straighten out your piece. It will be “bowed” in places from the pounding it received.
  6. Wire wrap ~1″ of 26ga Sterling Silver wire around one of the arms and down into the center loop. This stabilizes your piece.
  7. Now take a 5″ piece of 26ga Sterling Silver wire, and wrap it around one of the arms 3 times, then add a bead, wrap 3 more times, add another, and so on until you’ve used 5 of your beads, then finish by wrapping 3 times and trimming of the excess and pressing it down with your flat nosed plier.
  8. Cut the 12″ of Sterling Silver cable chain into two 6″ pieces. Using ~1″ 26ga Sterling Silver wire, link the chain and one of the loop ends together with a bead (example shown in Garnet) in the center. Repeat on the other side.
  9. Now take ~1″ inch of 26ga Sterling Silver wire and attach the cable chain to the Sterling Silver extender chain, with a bead in the center (Garnet) on one side, and the Sterling Silver clasp on the other.
  10. Using ~2″ Sterling Silver 26ga wire, wrap the briolette and attach to the center loop on your hand-hammered focal.

*If you’re unsure of how to wire wrap “Beginning Wire Wrapping” is a simple to use tool. **All designs provided are for inspirational use only. Feel free to copy this design or make it your own. We may run out of any/all supplies used in any given design.


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