How to Tie Sliding Knots

by abeadstore on July 20, 2013

step_finished_knot_sliding Sliding knots are adjustable knots used to make all sorts of adjustable-length jewelry. No clasps, crimps, or jump loops  are necessary. All you need is plenty of cord and a pair of scissors. Allow about 8″ of cord for the knotted section of  your piece. For example, if you want the finished length of a necklace to be 20 inches, start with at least 28″ of cord.  You can always trim the cord after tying the first knot if it seems too long. The minimum size that will fit around most people’s  heads is about 20 inches.

Note that in the pictured steps, we have used two colors of Greek Leather so that it is  easier to see the knotting technique. When you create your jewelry, the two ends will probably be the same color, similar to  the “you’re finished” picture.




Step 1

Choose stringing material, such as rattail, Greek leather, waxed cord, or polyester cord. Cross the free ends of your cord. Make sure you’ve already strung your pendant on it! If your pendant has a snap bail, you can put it on later.

Step 2

Fold about 3″ of one end back on itself. Both loose ends of the cord should be pointing in the same direction.

Step 3

Pinch the bend together around the other loose end. Leaving about a finger width of space at the end.

Step 4

Wrap the free end of the bent cord around all the cords a few times coiling toward the bent end. We like to use at least three coils to make a neat & secure knot, but you can choose how many loops you like for your design.

Step 5

Slide the end through the loop on the end. Push the coils toward the loop.

Step 6

Tighten the knot.

Step 7

Repeat on the other side. Trim any loose ends that are sticking out.

You’re finished!

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