2015 Jewelry Trends – Part II (Long and Layered)

by abeadstore on January 5, 2015

Okay, I know you have been waiting all weekend to see what the next big jewelry trend is this Fall and Winter.  Well the wait is over.


Long necklaces & layered chains.  As we saw last week, big, massive necklaces are in.  But necklaces are not just heavy and large in their sizes, they are also long. You will also find metallic chains that are layered in different lengths.

My favorite long necklaces are made with pearls .. pearls of all sizes.  You can layer multiple lengths of pearls and make a dramatic statement or wear one long strand for


Rihanna Rocks Layered Pearls

simple elegance.   Rihanna makes layered pearls look effortless.   Look how easy several lengths of pearls can look.  If you are really creative – you can connect all of the layers together on one clasp.  Add some cool, large pendants and you can make an even more dynamic piece.

Another favorite of mine is using beautiful gemstones with a large pendant.  Try layering these with pearls.  Wow – what a statement.  Celebrities like Sandra Bullock know how to rock gemstones and pearls.

Premiere Of Touchstone Pictures' "The Proposal" - Arrivals

Elegant Sandra with layered pearls and gemstones

It is now so easy to make these necklaces – especially with the ability to order beads online.  The beauty of the new 2015 trends is that they are very eclectic and anything goes.  So layer several pieces, add fun pendants, insert unusual gemstones … You just cant go wrong!

Want a less expensive alternative.  Try your hand at glass beads.  You can make long strands that look bojo and eclectic.  You can add as many types of unusual beads to make your

glass beads

Bojo beads provide perfect accessory to even simple tank!

own statement.  Add beads of all sizes, different shapes – this updates even a casual tank top for a cool, breezy look!  Imagine, putting on jeans and a simple black tank – adding a necklace and feeling awesome and looking completely cool and put together!

The bottom line – you simply can’t go wrong!  Use all types of fashion beads (pearls, gemstones, glass beads) to make elegant, sophisticated, quirky pieces.  You can even use big, round beads for bracelets or create beaded earrings to match.  So have fun – buy your online beads and get started today!

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