2015 Jewelry Trends – Part III (Multiple Rings)

by abeadstore on January 7, 2015

Here we go again.  The countdown is on.  Now this next trend is not one that I personally can say I like.  I am rather simple when it comes to rings. But I have three teenage daughters who simply love, love, love this next trend.

thre Multiple rings: One of the hottest trends that are presented for 2015 is wearing multiple rings.  You will find rings on all fingers instead of wearing just one finger ring or even double finger rings that adorn two fingers.   I have even seen girls wearing a ring on each finger including the thumb!  So get going and start making rings that can be mixed and matched and worn together.

Try your hand at some of these examples.  Some are easier than others but all create striking combinations.

Solid Bands

Solid Bands

Simple bands on all fingers are easy to make and easy to wear.   A simple band of gold or silver can make a striking statement.  My daughter loves to wear these but it is a pain when it comes time to wash your hands.  It seems like kids today don’t mind taking their rings off all the time. Mothers out there – be aware – you will find rings everywhere!

One ring - multiple finger holes

One ring – multiple finger holes

Another great multiple ring idea is a band of rings.  This is one ring with multiple ring holes.  I like this idea but I think it can be a bit constraining.  Again – kids don’t mind!  Add a chain to connect to a bracelet and you have a young, eclectic piece that will grab people’s attention.  Here is an example of one ring with multiple holes and multiple designs.  You can use charms or beads (glass, crystal or gemstones) as focal points on your rings.  They are inexpensive ways to add multiple themes to a ring.  For charms, simply remove the hole and affix to your ring.

I started wondering where this trend originated from and I think it relates back to one young star that probably wears the most eclectic, unusual things.  I used to think her style didnt fit but now I see it is becoming a trend.

Mary Kate rocking multiple rings

Mary Kate rocking multiple rings

Mary Kate wore multiple rings when everyone thought it was weird – but those billions in her bank account make her case!  Fast forward and now even fashion models are rocking multiple rings.  rings-2This trend is just getting started, so get creative, order your beads and jewelry components on-line and make your 2015 jewelry trend.   The combinations are limitless – and the good news for you jewelry makers – is that customers can’t buy just one! So get going and craft away!


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