2015 Jewelry Trends – Part VII (Tribal and Ethnic Inspired)

by abeadstore on January 20, 2015

We are back and heading to the finish line of our Top Ten Fashion Trends for 2015.  Can you guess the next big trend.  Okay this trend has been around for a while but this year its even bolder.  I really love this look because you can be creative and get away with outrageous combinations for a really exotic, fresh look.


Tribal inspired necklaces.  The necklaces of 2015  are oversized, heavy, long, mirrored and they are also inspired by the tribal jewelry which makes these necklaces perfect for those who prefer wearing jewelry pieces with a handcrafted touch. During some of the latest fashion shows, tribal necklaces were a hit with with tassels and colored beads.  Don’t be afraid to mix tribal jewelry with more classic pieces for a fresh look.  That is the beauty of this trend – anything goes.  You can mix classic gemstones or glass beads with tribal or ethnic pieces.



Mention the word tribal accessory and the first thing that will come to mind is big chunky necklace made of multiple rows of beads or a head dress with exotic feathers in it. All of us carry a couple of pieces of ethnic or tribal accessories in our wardrobe knowingly or unknowingly. It could be a chunky beaded necklace, silk thread bangles, a cowrie embellished belt, beaded footwear or a quirky tribal hair band. This season, the effort is to put wild pieces together with tame or boring clothing to create a statement making look.  This model is wearing a stunning necklace and as you can see it is large and the perfect compliment for a rather plain dress.  This type of jewelry is all over the fashion runway.  And it will be sure to turn heads.  Now you my not be ready for such a large and daring piece.  Check out this smaller version.  It is just as stunning but maybe a bit less “over-the-top.”

2014-Jewelry-Trends-8While layering is really in – you don’t have to go this big.  Create just one strand for a simple, elegant design.  Of course turquoise and coral will always be a hit in a tribal piece, but try your hand with different gemstones such as jasper, peach aventurine or pink crazy lace.  The brighter the better!

So order your beads online and have fun creating your tribal piece.  Please share any of your creations.  We would love to post them on our site!

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