2015 Jewelry Trends – Part VIII: Large and Dramatic Pendants

by abeadstore on January 22, 2015

I love this next trend – and of course its been around for a very long time – but it is going to be big this spring!

8_bll2 Large and Dramatic pendants!  I have always worn long chains with unique pendants with my suits or even sweat shirts.  They just add a bit of class to anything you wear.  The great thing is they are super easy to make.  Just add a unique and rather large pendant to a great chain, cord or string and you are done.  Check out the models below and the unique pendant necklaces they are wearing.  Combine difference pendants and gemstones for a unique combination.  Or keep it simple with a beautiful chain and stunning pendant.   Leather or silk string is really in and does add a unique and trendy look.

Add some unique glass beads and you have an inexpensive piece.  The creative designs that are coming out now from the Czech Republic is simply amazing.  Add some chinese crystals for amazing sparkle at half the price.  So don’t be afraid to mix and match.  Have fun, order your beads online and get going!

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