2015 Jewelry Trends – Unbalanced

by abeadstore on January 28, 2015

Okay so we have talked about the single earring trend – one I just can’t bring myself to rock.  Well this spring – the single earring is going one better.

Okay so we have talked about the single earring trend – one I just can’t bring myself to rock.  Well this spring – the single earring is going one better.  So now you will look like you purposefully screwed up!

logo_1So the next big trend this spring is the unbalance or assymetrical earring.  Yep – you read that right!  The single-earring trend has given way to a new take on ear ornamentation—the unbalanced look. Whether off in color or asymmetrical in shape or length, the beauty is found in the irregularity.  Check out these models rocking this new trend:

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As you can see, gone are the days of the humble gold stud or silver earrings. These days, earrings are here to make us sit up and take note, and this week we’re turning the focus on earrings that form part of an odd couple. 

But before designing your earring, here a few rules of thumb to follow when designing asymmetrical earring pairs.

potato Similar Beads.  If you’ve got a striking bead type in each earring, chances are you can match them up. This mismatched pair works especially well because the 6mm potato pearls compliment each other.  They each use the same tiny silver chain, making them look like an ensemble. They are slightly different in profile; one is teardrop-shaped, the other is a line and is carrying a little crystal star. These slight differences add to the excitement of the relationship.

materials Materials.   You can actually make a new pair of earrings from earrings you wear every day . . . You never thought of wearing them together before but try it!  Try pairing similar materials and treatment.  Check out this pair.  They are both silver with sulfur patina but the lengths are slightly different, adding visual interest. The earring on the left is very linear and the one on the right is round so the dichotomy between the two makes for another nice visual conversation.

color Color.   You can mix any styles of earring if the color is similar in both.  Add the same color crystal or glass bead and you have a perfectly matched set.  Look at this awesome combination.  It’s the crystal and metal color that makes these two a perfect pair. Again, these earrings have the similar DNA to make them look like a pair (crystals, silver, dangles, etc.), but they’re different enough to make them visually appealing.

fire Balance.  Look at these earrings.  They look great as a pair!  Why?  These earrings are the same color and bead type, but what makes them work together is that the visual weight of the big fire-polished glass bead in the left earring balances with the cascading smaller fire-polished glass beads on the right.

So there you have it.  The next big thing is asymmetrical earrings.  Stick to similar color, materials and beads, but remember: conformity is a thing of the past!  So order your beads on line today and get started making this crazy, fun trend!

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