2015 Trends – Part IV: Hand Bracelets

by abeadstore on January 9, 2015

I’m back and I have the fourth biggest trend for the year.  It really started becoming fashionable about two years ago but it will be even bigger this year.

Polka dot number 4Hand bracelets.  Instead of wearing traditional bracelets around your wrist, you can go for hand bracelets that cover the whole hand and connect to the fingers.  It is very trendy right now.  Even Bab’s is rocking the hand bracelet!  That’s right – Back in 2013, for the first time in over 35 years, Barbra Streisand took to the Oscar stage for a flawless performance of her classic hit “The Way We Were”, in a tribute to her friend, songwriter Marvin Hamlisch. article-confweb-2-1127 She looked absolutely dazzling in a sparkling black and gold gown with gorgeous and eye catching accessories, including a fabulous hand or slave bracelet.  Awesome! Way to be a trendsetter, Babs!

So how did these bracelets originate?  To give a little background history on “slave bracelets” according to E. J. Alagoa,  Portuguese slave traders used to pay for slaves using coins called manillas that Nigerian traders often turned into intricate bracelets. Some African traders also bent copper bars that were used as bracelets for money and were referred to as “slave bracelets”.

Nowadays slave bracelets consist of a bracelet and ring that are attached to each other with multiple strands of chains to ornament the back of the hand. They became popular with the 20′s flapper subculture and later the term “hand flower” was also coined to describe them in an attempt to avoid the connotations of subservience and/or servitude conjured by their original name.

Great Hand Bracelet

Great Hand Bracelet

Today we just all them hand bracelets.  I came across them because my daughter loves Free People and they have a great blog site – one of them was about hand bracelets (read it here).  The great thing is they are actually pretty easy to make.  Here is a simple tutorial that you can knock out in less than an hour!  All you need to make this awesome hand bracelet is some chain, wire clasps, a bead of your choice (the more unique the better), headpin, round needle pliers and a wire cutter – that’s it … really!

2handFirst, measure chain around wrist, keep it loose — you can always make it tigher later.  But there is nothing worse than a too tight chain around your wrist.  Then you simply connect the bracelet with a clasp of your choice. You can use a simple spring ring clasp as pictured or use a funner clasp such as a heart clasp to really make a statement.

 3handNext, take your chain and cut off about 5 links of the chain to connect to one side of your unique bead and about 20 links to connect to the other side. Obviously the amount of links will vary depending on the type of chain you are using.  I really like stones so I would use a unique gemstone as a focal.  Then you simply connect the chain from the bead to the bracelet chain you made.  Connect the other side of the bead around your finger of choice and connect the chain to form a ring or loop on the finger.
You can make this in less than 10 minutes!  So there you have it.  Trend number four this year is dainty and cool!  My kids love this look and your customers will too!  You can mix and match with other products such as glass beads, hemp cord – the combinations are limitless.  Match these with the multiple rings you are making (remember trend number three!) and you will create a perfect ensemble!
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