2015 Trends – Part V: Single Earring

by abeadstore on January 12, 2015

After a really disappointing Denver Broncos loss I have picked myself up, had my first cup of coffee and am ready to get going.  So here is the next 2015 jewelry trend.

fiveThe fifth biggest trend for 2015 is wearing a single earring. Forget about the traditional pair of earrings on both of your ears and go for a single statement earring that adorns just one ear.   You read this right – one earring!  One might be the loneliest number but in terms of the fine jewelry earring, it carries more than enough shine and sparkle. These earrings are large in size and the single earring is bold, brassy, and connotes quirky charm. But pulling off this costume jewelry isn’t always easy, especially given its size.

I’ll admit, I was apprehensive. When I first started noticing celebrities wearing only one earring, I cringed.  over the holidays I tried to wear a single earring.   But before I walked out the door, I panicked and added the other earring.  My stylish friends encouraged me to try it again.  The next time I braved it alone I did it without a purposeful sweep of hair over my empty ear.  At first everyone said “I think you’ve lost an earring.”   But when I responded that is the is the latest fashion trend, I felt in the know and a real fashion expert!  Hard to do surrounded by my fashionista friends.  But they all pulled out their phones, looked it up and you guessed it  – they took out one of their earrings.

Single-Earring-Trend-HeaderSo what types of earrings are girls wearing.   I have seen girls out on the town wearing a single gold ear cuff or a shoulder-length chandelier with their leather pants and cocktail dresses, respectively. Emma Watson has stepped out multiple times wearing only one earring – her earring is simple and chic.

But I think the key to pulling off a single earring without looking like you lost one in the bathroom sink is to go bold. Studs are an option, but they should be dramatic jewels or double-sided. In this case, a simple diamond stud won’t do the trick. img-singleearringestatejewels_182930572225

Your outfit should also be equally as edgy. I love the idea of exposed shoulders or a low neckline with this look. These jeweled gems and their modern day interpretations represent Old World adornment, which is why wearing just one makes for a young and fresh spin on the look. And the best part about it? You can split the cost with a like-minded stylish friend, of course.

So be creative and grab those large gems and create a single ear masterpiece.  No longer do you have to worry about finding matching gemstones for a pair of earrings.  Order you beads on-line, grab that large gemstone or crystal in your craft box that you have been wondering what to do with, and create your own single earring!

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