Bracelets – Gemstone Chips Tutorial

by abeadstore on February 24, 2015

Gemstone Chip Bracelet

Gemstone Chip Bracelet

So if you’ve seen our recent posts, stacks of bracelets and chunky bracelets are very hot right now.  In recent blogs, we’ve talked about types of wire and closures for your bracelets.  Well now lets make a bracelet.  Check out this gemstone chip bracelet – its not only gorgeous but very economical.  It looks like it is a lot more difficult to make than it is – not to mention a lot more expensive.  Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty or creative, you can do this!

Gemstone Chips & Agate Bead Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

You will need:

  • Bracelet Memory wire.
  • A strand of Aventurine gemstone chips (choose your color!)
  • Small black, agate beads.  3mm matte black agate beads look awesome buy try any small gemstone bead
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

Take the memory wire and find the end, then thread 5 chips on to the wire.  Make sure that are nestled close together so there isn’t too much of the wire showing between beads.  You may have to take a chip off, rotate, and re-thread it.  Play with it until you find beads that work and belong side by side.

avagbraceletloops-300-x-300Next, thread 2 black beads.  Repeat with 5 chips (or more depending on the look you are going for) and 2 black beads until your bracelet is the desired length.  Once there, you’ll need to make a loop in the wire end.  Use the round nose pliers for this.  I prefer to turn the loop to the outside, so it doesn’t dig into my wrist.

Scoot the beads down to the point where they’re snug against the loop that was just made.  Cut the beaded wire from the coil of empty memory wire, leaving about half an inch of empty wire.  Make a loop in this end as well.  There may be a little bit of space left at the end between the loop and the beads.  That’s okay, as your beads will have a bit of room to move.

S0 stay warm, have fun and make this cool bracelet this week!




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