Inspiration Thursday -Snow Day Organization

by abeadstore on February 26, 2015

Reacquaint and Reorganize


Okay – It feels like it has snowed for 30 days straight – well lets use this cold indoor weather to refresh and reacquaint ourselves with our bead stash!  We all know we have a bin or plastic container filled with stuff – that at one time was the crown jewel of your collection but now looks dated and less shiny.  Well lets spend this great indoor weather together reacquainting ourselves with our supplies, reorganizing our beads and identifying trendy needs for the new year.

Whether you need to inventory your beading supplies for your craft business, or you like to make a fresh start of things for the New Year, snowy February and March is a great time to refresh your bead stash and get organized for another 12 months of fabulous projects. Like any cleaning projects, the toughest part is getting started, but once you’ve begun the benefits are well worth it. Re-organizing your supplies is a great way to find new inspiration, breathe new life into your workspace, or rediscover forgotten beads.

Here a just a few ways that you can take on a bead stash refresh:

1. Complete Overhaul. If you’ve got a lot of time and determination, nothing is quite so liberating as taking out all of your supplies at once and starting a new organization system from scratch. The benefits of this method are many. You’ll get a chance to see and touch everything in your collection and find new ideas, while weeding out pieces that no longer fit your tastes and moving favorites to the forefront for maximum inspiration. You may also find that you can reduce the amount of storage space you need by refiling under a new system.

2. Pare Down. If you want a thorough but less drastic refresh, go through your stash a section at a time and transfer beads into containers or baggies of appropriate size for their quantities. You’ll be able to see more of what you have on hand, and get a chance to explore forgotten corners of your collection. This also makes a great opportunity to remove unwanted materials.

3. Forgotten. The speediest way to clean up is to avoid moving or touching anything you’re working with and focus on the “duds” or gems you once loved but no longer are in style. Comb through your stash and remove anything that you no longer need or want. Pull out beads and materials that don’t fit your current beading style.  Set them aside and so you don’t feel guilty about buying something you no longer need, put the in a shoebox for later consideration.  If you haven’t touched them or the box in one year (and this is important), give them away to another crafter or to a hospital or child care facility who can give them new life.

organized containerorgaized4.  Containers.  Find containers that fit your needs.  Label them with the type of bead (glass, gemstone or acrylics), type of jewelry making accessory (string, metals, findings) or charms.   With hobby stores and organizations stores growing everyday it is so easy to find cheap containers to keep your beading supplies contained.  So go crazy.

organized beads imagesNCNTKN5V So whether you are truly inspirational and have time to create a bead warehouse or simply have time to organize your seed bead container, do it today.  You will feel refreshed and it is very cathartic.  How many times do we worry about the money we have spent and that we are using every last bead in our stash?  Well now you can see what you have, organize it and feel good about your purchases.  Then during the next snow storm, take out your organized bin or go into your organized warehouse and easily identify the beads you want to help create your next creation.

So take advantage of these indoor snow days and really get organized so you can create wonderful spring and summer collections!  So bead on, stay warm and make some cool collections!  And don’t forget to enter our beading challenge for a chance to win $50!

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