The Elegance of Buttons

by abeadstore on April 7, 2015

This week we are focused on making beautiful pieces out of lovely buttons.  We wrote last year about the process to make these beautiful buttons and wanted to share the process again – it is simply amazing!  Almost all Czech Glass buttons are handmade.  Below is the production process and the tools used in the production of these beautiful buttons.

These are the negatives that are used to make the molds for the buttons. These negatives are valuable, and one of a kind, as they are the first step in the process of making the Czech Glass Buttons.
The negatives seen above actually make the molds. These hand-presses, with the molds inside, are what actually create the buttons.

This is a close up of the mold inside the press.

Glass rods of different colors first get melted in the oven.  This glass will later be pressed into the mold.
The shank of the button gets placed inside of the mold.
Our friend then takes the molten glass seen above, and presses it into the mold to make the shape of the glass button.
He carefully cuts the extra glass away with a pair of scissors.
Open the press….
And behold! A new Czech Glass button is born! (its still a bit crude, though).
The Czech Glass button you just saw gets its edges smoothed along a machine.
And the final touches include either hand painting…
Or more often, a particular chemical coating that then gets fired in the oven.
Recognize these buttons? True craftsmanship, born out of hundreds of years of experience.


So order your buttons on-line.  To make your job easier there are now easy to use button findings so that you can make earrings or pendants that are simply stunning.  So shop away and make your next piece out out of these timeless hand-made pieces.  They will add style to any jewelry collection.

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